Development and Humanitarian work involve science, art, philosophy, psychology, history, culture, spirit and more.  Reflections is a sharing of thoughts, lessons learned and other insights.

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The Home Front

Do the dishes before you leave

Short term missions are a bit out of time and space.  They hold their own challenges but while we are on them we get to leave behind many of the routines and responsibilities of home and home office.

Those who remain behind, however, are taking care of

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Every language is an old growth forest of the mind

We are quite clever, we human beings.  We aren’t the strongest of animals or the best at hearing or smelling or seeing.  We may not even be the smartest.  And yet, over thousands of years, finding ourselves in vastly different parts of the planet, we have figured out how to adapt

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CANADEM Notes: PTSD Support – with compassion and corny humour

Dr. Dee Rajska is a Canadian clinical psychologist who has a blog and website directed towards helping military service personnel manage and recover from the symptoms of PTSD.

The underlying advice is valuable for all of us, whether it is we or someone we know who has PTSD, and whatever the source

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