From Randy Weekes

Welcome to CANADEM Notes, a newsletter that explores the challenges and opportunities that come with working in new countries and cultures.  CANADEM is committed to doing everything we can to support you in your international work.  That includes helping you prepare for, understand and cope with the stresses that come with challenging missions.

The notes are quick to read – I promise!  I encourage you to scan each one quickly before you file it away.

The first few provide practical tips for preparing to leave on your mission.  Three consider the impact of culture on our comfort and effectiveness.  Another group examines the issue of stress as it effects all of us who work far from home and the potential for trauma as it might affect us or our colleagues.

Finally, we look at the challenges of coming home again – something most of us identify as harder than going out in the first place.

If you want to look back at old notes, they are catalogued on the website . And when you want to share your own experiences, resources or feedback, you can contact us at .





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